How I Work

All my photos are ‘straight’;---taken with an old 35mm camera.

Computers, for me, play no part in the essential make-up of a photograph.

Producing pictures through some of the many options available through computers, I believe is a separate art.

Wherever possible, I use only natural light. This gives me much more freedom in achieving the spontaneity and reality that I’m after.

What you see here is very much down to the eye of the beholder.


One of the most common things I’m told is, ‘we hardly noticed you were there.'

I like to hear this, because my aim is to interfere as little as possible. My only 2 regular requests to clients are:--Please don’t race down the aisle, and Try to enjoy it!

As for the decision on whether to use colour or black & white:-- Colour will capture some of those wonderful outfits that may only be seen quite infrequently.

Black & white gets ‘straight to the point’; it’s less easy to be distracted by the stray Coke can in the background, for instance. It is more timeless; more flattering, and it doesn’t clash with the carpet!

As for doing both, sometimes this works; but often one of the medium becomes almost superfluous. That split second of trying to decide whether the picture should be in colour or black & white can be the death of another image, so to speak.

So generally, I would advise to stick to one or the other; unless it is specified that a certain section of the day will be on one of the media.


My aim is to capture natural images of your children that truly reflect their personalities and will be a lasting reminder of a moment in their childhood for both you and them.

I generally use black & white. By photographing children in their own environments, whether their home, garden or favourite park, the artificial nature of the ‘photo shoot’ is removed, leaving a fun day out.

Again, I work in a fairly hands-off manner. The majority of the time is spent watching events unfold, capturing the excitement and fun of whatever we do, whether it is playing on the swings, kicking a football, or hunting for lions in the long grass! The most important thing is that it is fun.

Sessions tend to last about an hour and a half, but that is entirely dependent on the child/children. As we don’t move through a sequence of preconceived poses there is always an element of the unexpected, and I’ll keep shooting ‘til I feel I’ve got something good.

I am very flexible about timing and usually only shoot one session a day. I find that children tend to be better in the mornings and so whenever possible shoot early in the day before they get tired. I will happily arrange sessions around nap times and will shoot very early if parents wish to take a couple of hours out of work but don’t wish to miss a whole morning.



I believe a headshot should reflect who you are. Whether it is for your Spotlight entry, for business use or to illustrate your writing in a magazine or newspaper, the aim is the same: to show you at your very best.

I feel for you to be truly happy with your headshot, it must look like you. A simple image is a strong image. My aim is to get the very best photograph of you as you are, whoever you are and whatever you look like. By shooting in natural light and without the services of professional stylists and make up artists, you are able to show your pictures and stand proud, saying,’this is me; this is what I look like.’

My sessions usually take place outside, tend to last an hour and a half, and often involve a short walk. Together we explore the area looking for the best light and backgrounds, whether it is a tree covered in blossom, a brick wall or a garage door. Everything can be used to produce unique and personal results.
Because I like to spend time on my shoots, I’ll be able to find out a bit about you and you will have time to relax. A nervous look in the first five minutes will be transformed to a genuine grin by the end.


With portraits, there is more scope for artistic impression, and the subject does not necessarily feel obliged to try to look good to everyone! In fact, you don’t even have to be human! Pet portraits can also be done. Subjects/owners choose me because they like my style.

For both, pictures are usually in black & white as, again, it is more flattering and timeless.

I am reliable and put everything I have into producing the best images that I can. Whatever the subject matter, it is not ‘just a job’ for me, and never will be.

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